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SEO requires a great deal of technical skill and experience to get right. Search engines utilize a collection of bots, algorithms, indexing, and paid positioning. Our SEO marketing team are at the top of their game, and are constantly, practically upgrading their skills.


To fight your competition, we offer:

  • Global SEO – Get seen locally AND internationally, and drive business to your site.

  • E-Commerce and sales SEO – structured SEO targeting buyers

  • Technical and back end SEO – Essentially this means that we will ensure that search engines categorize your website appropriately. After all, if you own a construction company, we don’t want search engines thinking you bake cakes. {This is included in all SEO packages, but we must mention it anyway}

  • Keyword Research – Do you write whole paragraphs into Google to find what you are after? Your customers probably don’t either. We will discover the keyword searches that your customers are using, and leverage them to drive customers to you

  • Content Optimization – Page by page, we will optimize your site with best practice to make you as visible to customers and, combined with our marketing programs, entice them in

Search engine optimization {SEO}, includes a collection of techniques tailored to optimize your company’s position in search engines when customers make a query. Basically, it gets you found before your competition.


Copy Corp Global has an expert team of SEO consultants that use effective strategies when creating your web platform as well as marketing programs. The goal of course it to show up first in all searches, and this is a constant battle requiring constant attention; it is not set and forget.


Not only will we optimize your SEO, but we will fight the competition for you.

Regardless of the business you are involved in, you NEED SEO services. As almost all of our team members own their own business, we understand better than most how challenging growing a business can be. However, as we have grown our own businesses we are uniquely positioned to grow yours. Consider us “By Business, For Business”.



One of the greatest challenges to business is the saturated marketplace, which as you know is highly competitive. Growth in such a saturated market depends on being visible on search engines; such as Google. Customers use these search engines to find businesses that suit their needs, and if they can’t see you then your company then you will find yourself in a difficult spot. Furthermore, being found online provides further credibility in this digital world. In days gone, if you did not have a brick and mortar place of business then customers would not trust you, however now we are seeing the opposite.


If your customers can find you, you will find success. Let us bring you that success!

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