*Click* *Click* *ka-ching*

Pay-Per-Click Advertising {PPC}, is a method of advertising by which the advertiser pays a fee only upon a prospective customer actually slicking on their advertisement. By this method, we are able to weed out those members of the public that have completely no interest in your company's products and services without having to waste advertising budgets presenting to them, while retaining the potential client base. 

PPC Advertisements can be tailored to meet your specific offerings and targeted audience across variable search engines.

This unique growth method can be applied to platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Youtube.

Pay-Per -Click Advertising Model

PPC Advertising is an exclusively online model of advertising; of course it will not work with a newspaper of pamphlet. Rather, PPC advertising uses search engines and social media platforms to draw in prospective customers through strategic advertising. In a nutshell, when a prospective customer clicks the advertisement, they are taken to your company's website and the company pays a minuscule fee for the service. Through this method, only genuine customers (and the occasional troll) will click through your advertisement, thus effectively removing noise.

Competition is fierce when it comes to being seen on search engines, and this is why you need our expert team at Copy Corp Global to create a compelling PPC Advertisement for your company. Realistically, you will need multiple over an extended period of time to remain competitive. Bring Copy Corp Global on board, and start getting almost immediate results to your ROI.