Application Security Form

You are able to visit this page, as you have been invited to continue with the application process with Copy Corp Global for the specific department of choice. In this section, you are required to complete the following security questionnaire and submit supporting documents where applicable. Please be aware that providing false or misleading information in your application is a criminal offence, which may result in authorities being notified and legal action being taken against you.




If not applicable, or you do not wish to provide this information, please type N/A in the boxes above.

For the purposes of this application, and to showcase your understanding of a platform frequently used for supporting our clients, you are required to submit a YouTube video in an interview style answering the following questions:

1) As this role requires making contact with third parties and directly sourcing clients for Copy Corp Global, are you comfortable sourcing clients?

2) Are you comfortable reaching out to potential clients via telephone call, sometimes known as a 'cold call'? Typically, Copy Corp Global does not approve of 'cold-calling' tactics, however it may be required at certain times dependent on your role.

3) Are you capable of initiating contact with potential clients through the use of social media? For example, LinkedIn.

4) Are you capable of working autonomously? I.e. Working outside of a regimented office environment?

5) Tell us everything you know about Copy Corp Global, and Faux Hause Group, as concisely as possible. 

6) Have you ever been convicted of any crime, in any country around the globe?

7) Copy Corp Global takes the privacy and confidentiality of our clients very seriously. To this end, in most circumstances we do not disclose the identities of our clients. In line with this doctrine, you must be aware that you may never be at liberty to disclose the identities of the clients you will work with through this organisation. If you accept this security requirement, please state so in your submission.

8) To date, the largest contract being negotiated by the teams within this organisation is $447,000,000.00 USD. In the period that you are working with us, there is every chance that you will be involved in deals of similar magnitude. Such deals often require international travel for significant periods, to this end are you comfortable and capable of undertaking international travel as needed by the organisation?

Please upload your video to YouTube as an "UNLISTED" video, and provide the link below. This video may be viewed by any member of the Recruitment, Public Relations, or Chief departments. This video will likely be viewed by the Chairman of this organisation, so please put your best self forward.

Should you have any issues submitting this form, you may contact the Public Relations team for assistance on
You may not receive a notification that the form has submitted, subject to your operating platform. Please hit "Submit" only on one occasion; once the options have reset that will be confirmation that the form has been submitted.


Upon submitting your details, and video, through the form above they will be reviewed by the relevant parties within Faux Hause Group. If the materials submitted are deemed suitable for the contract that you have applied for, you will be contacted directly by the Chairman of the organisation to offer you a call for the final stage. The final stage of interviews, with the Chairman, will be the final deciding factor on whether on not you will receive a contract with Faux Hause Group.